Top 10 CSS Button Styles for 2017

Top 10 CSS Button Styles for 2017

Top 10 collection of awesome css3 buttons with animation effects that are created with the help of web designer easy to find more creative ideas on web design buttons. The effect on the buttons is created using the box-shadow and linear-gradient properties. There are two gradients used basically, one is linear and the second one is radial to make the effect much nicer.

unicorn ui buttons

#1. Unicorn UI Buttons [ Download ] [ Demo ]

Buttons should be used responsibly with accessibility in mind. You should use anchor tags when you are linking to an external resource or an internal page link. Use the button tag when you have an application command such as add to shopping cart. Use input tags (such as the submit input type) when creating forms.

#2. bttn.css [ Download ] [ Demo ]

Awesome buttons for awesome projects!

#3.Flat UI Buttons 2 [ Download ] [ Demo ]

Flat UI 3D buttons using border-bottom for the 3d shadow effect.

#4. Cool buttons[ Download ] [ Demo ]

with predefined classes

#5. Material Design[ Download ] [ Demo ]

Script automatically adds the material design effect to elements with ‘material-design’ class. Can also be used on div with images. Add the preferred color as value of the ‘data-color’ attribute.

#6.Social Likes Next[ Download ] [ Demo ]

Modern social share buttons. All in the same style, no jQuery, Retina, IE11+.

#7.Material Buttons[ Download ] [ Demo ]

No JavaScript required!. You can easily edit, change and customize them for yourself.

#8.Hover Effects[ Download ] [ Demo ]

Some button hover effects using psuedo elements and borders.

#9.Obvious Buttons[ Download ] [ Demo ]

These buttons offer a Bootstrap alternative between the gradient-opinionated 2.0 and the completely-flat 3.0. They are also distinguished for getting pressed on click, like real buttons do.

#10.Viavi[ Download ] [ Demo ]

It is pure HTML5/CSS3 flat buttons. Buttons has HTML5 structure and works on all major browsers. Buttons is easy to edit and integrate into any website. CSS is separate from HTML and is well commented.

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