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So I started to write my own blog successfully and start to make many contacts with fellow bloggers in similar niche. Have you created a blogroll on your blog? This is a question with no definite answer. Some people believe bloggers are beneficial to bloggers, while others think they are completely unnecessary.

What is Blogroll

What exactly is a blogroll? It is basically a list of links made to the blog’s sidebar that links to other blogs. The blog you put into your blogroll actually depends on you. The same is true whether you think you really need it or not. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of embedding blogroll on your site to help you decide whether you want it if you have not decided on the issue yet.

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Blogs you add to your blogroll are likely to be relinked, but not guaranteed. If you add tons of blogs to your blogroll and do not find many links again, it’s actually not that good for your SEO. One of the biggest problems with having a blogroll is that it can grow really fast. It is important to know when to stop and who to include. Also, if you put too many blogs in your blogroll, you will no longer see your readers as a valuable resource because you do not have a policy and you are linking to all your blogs in the sun.

If you include too many people, you might not get the link you’re looking for, but if you are really tricky, then you may offend other bloggers that did not cut. So it is a double-edged sword. When you decide why you want to add and why you can add more pain to your neck than the actual benefits. It’s much easier for many bloggers to get rid of blogroll altogether. If there is something worthwhile to try, you are ready to do it.

But if one part of your site takes more time to maintain than value, it’s time to finish. Most of us start with freelance and hourly bloggers, so you do not have to mess around all day with your blog. Maintaining a blog roll can give you valuable time to do more important things such as creating quality content for your blog and being a writer.

Having a large blogroll will undoubtedly lead to a lot of maintenance work. As we all know, some blogs have a limited lifetime and can handle many links to blog links that need to be removed. Identifying dead links to click on your blogroll and remove them is a very difficult past, especially if your blogroll is large.

By ignoring this dead link and corrupting it in your blogroll, it appears to your blog reader that you are constantly annoyed by clicking on a link that does not work.


One of the main benefits of using blogroll is that it’s easy to build a good relationship with other blogs. If you link to a blog through a blogroll, it will be rewarded and re-linked. If you get a link to your blog from a relevant value site in your niche, this link is good for your reputation in your Google rank and this particular blogging circle. These links from other sites should also increase traffic to your site.

By linking to other blogs, you will be notified of your presence. It’s much easier to attract good blogs in this way instead of sending emails to introduce yourself that blogs are very popular and you may never read a lot of emails on a regular basis.

By linking to your blog on your site, you can increase the likelihood that the blog owner will check out your blog and even subscribe if you like what you see, by letting them know that the blogging software has provided a link to the owner of the site. Please read.

When they join, the opportunity for quality cooperation also increases. This blog allows you to find and link to your favorite content on your site, and as mentioned above, you can add you to your blogroll. Another good thing about blogrolls is that you can adjust them to reflect your personality. It does not have to be a single large list of blog links, and you can split the links by category.

Links to reading

You may start to include links to reading and reading blogs, but they have little or nothing to do with your blog links. Own blog. This will make it easier for you to reach out to your readers if you share your other passions unrelated to your blog’s niche.

Ultimately, your choice is yours. Experiment with blogroll to see where you are headed. If you get more profit than the problem, if you have time to keep it, and if you can effectively cope with the politics of who will use your blogroll and who should leave, you will be someone who can use blogroll To the advantage of. If you have more calls than good, you can not.

As with blogging and everything in general, try it out and it will not hurt to see where it leads. It’s all part of the learning process, and it’s always better to work for yourself than follow other people’s recommendations rather than blindly follow the words of other bloggers. Give blogrolls a chance and try it yourself.

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