Top Best Social Media Strategies

You can tell how many people have Facebook accounts, how often you check your pages on a daily basis, and, on average, how many friends you have on average. You will probably know everything until now, probably because you have an account. And of course Facebook is not all raging. Twitter, Google+, Blog, and LinkedIn. No, LinkedIn is not getting professional contacts. Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a great marketing tool that allows status updates.

Social Media Strategies

Therefore, you may have a blog and a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account. Maybe in all four cases, does your business have one? If not, should you spend time promoting your product or service online instead of checking people’s updates and viewing photos? The first step is to set up each account. You will then need to perform the following steps after performing the first step.


Google Plus photo Google+ was not as successful as we wanted, but everyone around the world had a Gmail account and had to miss the Google+ button. It works the same way as Facebook, allowing you to share words, photos, and videos. While on Google+, you can video chat with friends, colleagues, and family with Hangouts, an online video chat. It integrates with other Google tools so you can work together with Google Docs and chat or share your screen to fix the problem.


Sign up for millions of Twitterers, making the world a buzz with a 140-character update. Keep the tweets short, however, in case the fans rewrite the words and add some comments. Like Facebook, there are tools you can use to monitor your traffic. Twitter is more likely to be interactive than Facebook. That is, putting a # in front of a keyword can lead to a conversation, and you can follow someone without approving the request to do so.


It may be a pro on Facebook, but maintaining your fan page is slightly different from your profile page. You’ll have a “fan” instead of “friends,” and you will not be able to add fans, and you can wait until you click “Like” on the page. However, similarity can have a custom URL (for example,, but the only rule is that you can only do this if you have 25 fans. It’s not hard to make 25 people like your page.

Then do the same as on the profile page. Share updates, post pictures, and highlight interesting news items. Remember that this status should be about your company and its offerings and about your holidays or bad days when you worked. Now use Facebook analytics to find out who has visited your site.


Because there are already 120 million people in LinkedIn, this site is as powerful as Facebook and Twitter. Especially for small businesses, it’s a good idea to promote your company here. Build a network of similar interests and work from there. You can request a “recommendation” from your contacts, start a group discussion, and sync your LinkedIn page with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Those who passed through the popular new website, Pinterest, would not have found endless fashion advice and an educational gold mine just below the surface of the cupcake recipe. Although Pinterest can certainly serve as a suitable camp for falling into the delightful pleasures of wasting time and guilt, it can be easily used to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students. As evidence of the claim that Pinterest plays an important role in education, consider the following five ways to improve learning using the site.

Organizing information

Spending a little time exploring training categories can overwhelm a wealth of information. To keep it organized and make all resources easily accessible, use your own Pinterest account to “re-publish” articles and other information on your board for later reference. You can even make a few of your own pins from different training materials you find on the Internet to keep everything safe in one convenient place.

Browse training categories

We have not yet discovered the value of Pinterest because we have never used category filters on our landing pages. You may be surprised to discover the entire Pinterest category dedicated to education. This useful feature helps you narrow down your search and find useful resources in almost every discipline imaginable.

Examples of pins covered in this section include educational conference notifications, book reviews, math fun, student project drawings, teaching ideas, and home schooling tips.

Network with educators and students

Both teachers and students can learn from each other and reach out to each other and benefit from Pinterest. For example, a teacher looking for advice on how to engage students and a project assigned to a particular subject can easily see what other teachers do for the same subject.

Pinterest facilitates communication with teachers to collaborate more effectively on teaching methods and assignments. Students can get in touch with other students to get ideas for upcoming projects and better prepare for the test.

Use public bulletin board

Sticking to a personal bulletin board can help keep you organized and communicate with others. Open a public bulletin board and ask the faculty to pin it. Using this method, you can take advantage of your own personal brain, not just your own ideas, but an authentic yet original work in many industries.

Also, fixing it again is not the only way to add content. Do not be afraid to add pins from external resources. Whenever you find an interesting article accidentally, you can pin the project or idea to the public bulletin board and share it with others.

Offer to students with multiple academic resources

Teachers and professors across the country are already using Pinterest as a medium to provide resources that serve as a guide throughout the curriculum. These materials include lecture plans, reading lists, and external resources to help students get more overall. Many educators have already become popular with Pinterest.

For example, English language teaching assistant, Steven Bickmore, has made several bulletin boards on the site that are dedicated to a particular class or concentration.


Before Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook were born, blogging was the main platform for sharing thoughts and media. But blogging is not dead and many blogs are still maintained, despite owners with many social network accounts. Blogs are actually the best platform for online marketing. You can use blogs to post articles with keywords, comment on other blogs, link to other blogs, and place social media buttons on each post to share on social networks.

WordPress, and Blogger are two of the most popular blog platforms that are free, user friendly and easy to install. Like all social networking platforms, Pinterest is just as likely to escape education as it does to improve education. No matter how easy it is to get lost in the pinnacle of the sea for chefs and other interests, educators can keep track of and focus on these five benefits.

It is truly an exciting era of education, and Pinterest can now claim its role as one of the digital media that revolutionized learning. Keep in mind that it’s important to keep your page up-to-date once you set up your account and build your network.

Without fresh content, your fans get bored and your business is likely to have gone bankrupt. The best frequency you can update is once every three days, so schedule and keep your schedule up to speed your business.

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