Tips to Use your Smartphone As A Blogging Tool

Do you have a smartphone? I have not seen a blogger I have not been for long. Group bloggers seem to move along the technology curve. So there are usually newer gadgets. This includes tablets and other cool tools as well as smartphones. The only real question is whether your smartphone is a simple gadget or a core tool.

Use your Smartphone

A fairly modern smartphone is actually a shiny toy. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile. Music player, video screen, instant messenger and other yummy stuff. But it helps me a lot as a tool of trade. Bloggers can use their smartphones in a variety of ways. Here are five things that stand out.

Review and comment

When I first started blogging, I thought it would be as simple as writing or posting words. Not long after I started, I realized there was more to it than that. One of the bigger blogger responsibilities is to handle comments. If you want more commenters, you’ll need to reply to them. You may also need to review your feedback. They are a time-consuming process. Not everyone has that time. Especially if blogging is not the only job. Finding downtime to process comments can be difficult, but still important.

If you use your smartphone to handle comments, you can find these lulls on the same day. If you are waiting for something on your computer – you are being delivered at the supermarket or waiting for delivery. – Your comment may take some time to process. That way, you can reduce the burden of heavy lifting when you are in front of your computer.

Edit posts on the go

We are humans and therefore will make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes appear in your blog posts. We can miss a brilliant mistake when we check things again. If you are lucky, you have a faithful reader. I will point out these errors politely. But what if we are far from the computer? Every major smartphone platform, from the beloved Android to the popular BlackBerry smartphone platform to the ancient BlackBerry, has a WordPress app.

WordPress company Automattic has done a wonderful job in this application. It’s simple to edit, so you can edit it anywhere. Of course, you can write everything on your smartphone. Maybe you would be so bored to try it. But if you are like me, it is too much.

Social media promotion

If processing time is short, social networking is most important. Of course, you can keep Twitter open while you work and check Facebook every hour, but that activity is not directly beneficial to your blog. no. Social media promotions are more valuable. It has been proven that people are more receptive to promotions via social media at certain times of the day. That particular time certainly depends on the audience.

With Retwitt, you can focus on that time once you know when the most people have shared your content. Your smartphone definitely plays a role. You can use a service that automates promotion at specific times, but it is free from personal appeal.

Use your smartphone to promote your content personally at the right time. The added benefit is that you can respond to your feedback and interact with your readers. You can do all of these things right from your smartphone wherever you are.

Collecting ideas

How many ideas do you get when you are in front of your computer? I have many things, but there are many more to come. Especially when good ideas come up, you have to concentrate on writing at home. But it is inefficient. The brain is a poor collection point. Our smartphone has a portable notebook. Anytime you hit us with an idea, you can take out your smartphone and record it.

For example, Evernote makes great notes and builds up your experience. There are Evernote applications on all platforms, so your notes are available on all devices. But really, you can make it as simple as sending yourself an email. Whichever method you choose, your smartphone can help you capture these ideas.

Think like a reader

More people are visiting you on your mobile phone. If you do not believe me, check the statistics. If you can see the difference between mobile and desktop visitors, and if you can go back a year ago, you can almost certainly see the increasing trend of mobile viewers. Should not more people visit your site with a mobile phone? Our blog is nothing without our audience. How can we expect to have them if we are not in harmony with the audience.

The simple answer is that you can not. In order to know the reader, we must act like the reader. Visit your site at least once a day on your mobile browser. Better yet, make your friends the same. I visit my site on my Galaxy S3 but my friends visit it on my BlackBerry and iPhone.

It gives me an idea of ​​what my readers are seeing. If you see something I do not like, you can quickly correct it. Smartphones are great and fun toys. Few days do not listen to music or watch my videos. But at the same time they are a great tool to help us through blogging. Using your smartphone properly can be an important part of your blogging experience.

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