The Disadvantages of Social Media Comments

We did it all. I blogged about the experience of my heart-stirring life. Tweet terrifically fun. I have posted a profound and undoubtedly content. And we have everything happening: absolutely nothing. No one rewrites your notable one-line tweet. Nobody mentions anything about the post you have poured your tenderness and intelligence, and none will ever be submitted to StumbleUpon. Welcome to the hugely competitive world of blogging. The long tail is not for friends or friends.

Public criticism

In 2006, when my son was born, I wrote about my local newspaper. It is lightly seen in my own heartbreaking reality. For example, I wrote that I was so busy that I cleaned the bathtub while I was pumping and that my best friend, who I am currently working with, is isolated because she is a girl driving across the lane at the local Taco Palace. I was surprised to find that anyone could discover that I was a little less aggressive.

However, both working fathers and mothers at home sent the scene. with me! But there was an unexpected gift in public criticism. It made me stronger. Fall’s opinion makes me better. So I did not write about them, but thank them. It takes time to get to this station. It does not happen overnight.

As the graduate professor wrote at the top of my first short story, “The world needs to hear the way you spoke, the way you spoke.” It’s the only paper I have in my college. Even at my lowest point I keep on believing in him.

Negative comments

Crawling under the rock would have been easy, but the truth is not a stranger to this criticism. Working in the Air Force Bulletin in 1992, I interviewed a 10-year-old child who lived with his parents during the Gulf War. The young girl in the interview saw her crying and crying every day when she showered and poured water, and that she would go home from school and that the foster parent’s car was not on the driveway. Like his mother, he left the military base alone to defend himself and went to war.

About my trip

I have been blogging since 1999. I have been defending my identity for 8 years in Open Diary. I treasured two faithful followers. In 2006, we released a new blog. In 2008, I wrote a blog every day. Since that time, my blog has been featured in National Associated Press, Washington Post, Tulsa World, and Oklahoman. I recently began weekly radio commentary on KOSU, a national public radio station broadcast in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I am grateful for coming so far.

But at least I know that I have a long way to go to accomplish my goals. Despite my success (despite the modesty compared to Dooce or Pioneer Woman) I continue to deal with one of the biggest contenders bloggers will face. For example, recently, a postgraduate professor at a local university posted on Facebook that my public radio commentary was roaming, inconsistent, and embarrassed by the station. Here is a screenshot of our exchange.

Suspected liar

I was convinced that this feature would have won accolades throughout the air force and could be included in Air Force Time. Instead, the girl ‘s parents blamed me for making everything. They complained to the installation commander who was a two-sex general, and the story died effectively. Fortunately, I had one of those mini tape recorders, and I always recorded all the interviews to get my estimates, but somebody still thinks I will do it, and it still hurts.

New public square

Today Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even their blog are the same as the old public plaza where people gathered for parades, carnivals, shopping and conversations. It is appropriate to use town green as a place to sell your products. You can meet friends and make new friends. But here again, to see how social networks have killed your blog for revalidation. You used them to accept, acknowledge and worship. Everything worked when you wanted your motivation and creativity.

Rebalance content

Here are some of the visible resources to help you refocus your efforts on content creation. Manage digital distractions. Turn off e-mail notifications while creating documents in Word, for example. When you receive a popup and push announcements such as comments, LinkedIn requests, Twitter updates, etc., you can not associate with best self, something or critical thinking ability. These distractions should be disarmed.

I know that by avoiding creating content, you can pursue it without fear of success. Imagine that! Humans can be too complicated. Learn Outlook. For e-mail notifications, open the e-mail and set the schedule when responding. Outlook has many bells and whistles that help you manage your communications stream. Learning can be central to your organization and stay in business.

Set the schedule. It’s very easy to fall into the internet. Set up a schedule for social media and social networking. Create a timetable for posting content on Facebook, Twitter, and more. When you jump into Pinterest, buy and set up a timer. When the buzzer sounds, you can see that it is time to move on to another task.

Unplug it. Turn off your mobile device in writing. You can wait for your phone, text, and instagram picture. Really. Move to Min. Use a plain text editor such as Notepad to draft a blog post. After all, the words you express are the most important. Go one step further and use a professional writing application such as Quiet Write, Pen Zen or Byword. These tools provide an online writing environment with minimal confusion.

I know a few writers who swore to these

Hire someone. If you have money to invest, look for independent PR practitioners and digital strategists to manage social media activities. These professionals typically operate with little or no overhead and can perform amazing functions to manage social media and digital content needs. Live an interesting life. When I do not blog, I am a part-time director of a non-profit and part-time PR / digital strategist.

I have been working at home for the past four years and know that it is very easy to live like a hermit because of my personal experience. Once again, set your schedule of workouts and coffee with your friends. As one of my favorite authors, the writer lives an interesting life. If you do not live an interesting life, take action to reinvent yourself. Try to jump into new media such as digital photography or chalk art.

Take action to create content elsewhere. Stop the usual ghosting. To gain a new perspective, visit the cultural land of the city. I am always doing this and wondering about my creativity. Remember that people do not fall in love with the movie as much as they fall in love with the actor. Bloggers and bloggers will do the same.

Never give in. It can not be a famous blogger, but it can still be a success and bring big changes in the cause, community or niche. I do not doubt that there is information that people want and need. You can share or share content without backing away.

Thumbs up

Comments, retweets, and thumbs are all good, but a temporary fee is charged. They seem to be buzzing around you, but rarely inspire new content. In fact, they are just giving you more honors. To succeed, you have to get off this train and stop this vicious cycle.

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